eco grant

Get up to €5,000 off a new Volkswagen

We are delighted to announce the Volkswagen EcoGrant, which could save you up to €5,000 off a new model!

What is the Volkswagen EcoGrant?
The Volkswagen EcoGrant aims to replace older cars currently on Irish roads with the latest, most efficient Euro 6 diesel or petrol models from Volkswagen, or one of our electric models. It promotes the changeover to climate- and health-compatible mobility on Ireland's roads by reducing the cost-to-change to a lower emissions or zero-emissions car.

How does it work?
If you are currently driving a Euro 1 - 4 emissions standard passenger car, and would like to replace it with a more environmentally friendly model, Volkswagen will give you an EcoGrant of up to €5,000 against the purchase of a new Volkswagen. Better yet, Volkswagen Ireland will accept Euro 1 - 4 emissions standard passenger cars from any manufacturer for this offer.

How to identify a Euro 1 - 4 emissions standard diesel vehicle?

Simply logon to www.EcoGrant.ieand enter your car registration number! (Please note this offer does not apply to fleet car sales or commercial vehicles)

Check out our EcoGrant Offers Here

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