Electrifying Performance

Keeping your vehicle in prime condition is essential for its performance, efficiency, and safety. In fact, it even plays a key role in preserving the resale value of the car, should you ever decide to sell or part-exchange.

Of course, while many maintenance needs can be carried out by seasoned hobbyists and home mechanics, it pays to have work completed by a team of professional technicians with access to the very best tools and equipment.

Prime Condition

At Connolly's Hyundai Galway, we take great pride in being the only authorised Hyundai dealer in the region.

As part of our offering to our customers, we aim to provide the very best servicing and aftersales support possible, with a state-of-the-art workshop featuring the very best tools and equipment, as well as all the parts and accessories needed to return your vehicle to an as-new condition.

Hyundai Parts

Maintaining your vehicle to the highest standard not only demands engineering expertise, but also access to the very best parts and accessories. After all, your new or used Hyundai is a valuable investment, so it deserves only the very best components to provide it with complete compatibility. At Connolly's Hyundai in Galway, we’ve many years’ experience in providing aftersales support to motorists in the region, and offer a range of servicing needs at affordable prices.

Included in the aftersaless support we provide is access to the latest parts and accessories from Hyundai itself. Each and every component is fully approved by the manufacturer and will offer long-lasting and reliable performance. So, whether you’re searching for replacement tyres or a new wing mirror, styling kits or the latest in infotainment systems, we’ll be able to help you source the best items for the best price.

The team at Connolly's Hyundai can be contacted today via phone or online enquiry. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll help find the components you need for your vehicle. We’ll also be able to provide a quotation for any fitting or replacement work that you may require.

Available on all makes & models:

  • Engine Oil & Filter Change
  • Anti-Freeze Strength Test
  • Battery Health Check
  • Fluid Level Checks
  • Brake Pads and Disc Check
  • Tyre Pressure & Tread Check
  • Headlights & Brake Lights Check
  • Wiper Blades Check
  • Free Car Wash with every Service