About Connolly's leasing

Whether your company has a fleet of cars, or you’re a one-off trader looking to buy a car, but can’t find the right deal for your business and budget, leasing is the answer!

With leasing, you’ll be able to utilise your business’s vehicles without having to buy them outright. Choose from a range of options that can be tailored to fit your needs, including 1 or 3 monthly advances, fixed monthly rentals and no re-sale value worries. We’ll get you the car you need!

Business leasing with us comes with real peace of mind

The benefits for you are significant. Firstly, there’s no restriction on what model or spec you decide to choose. Secondly, when you’re leasing directly from a Connolly Motor Group Dealership, you benefit from an expertise and level of service that is second to none. Finally, we’re always ready and available to support you with help if you need.

How personal leasing can work for you

Choose your vehicle and personalise your plan. You can choose any vehicle from one of our dealerships. Drive and enjoy, hassle free. When your new vehicle is ready to be picked up, you’re free to drive it as you please. You just pay your one easy fixed monthly rental fee. At the end of the term. When your term is complete, just hand the vehicle back. You’ve no depreciation worries!

Contact us

At Connolly Motor Group, we offer 5-star customer service, a full new vehicle handover, and a like for like vehicle when your car is in for service. We have a dedicated team who know how to help you choose the best fit for your company as well as 13 locations across the west, giving you piece of mind that we are never too far away. For more information you can call Tony Kelly, our Business Development Leasing Manager, who will find a leasing package that fits you and your needs.

Call Tony today on 086 021 1166 or email him at tony.kelly@connollys.ie