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SEAT S.A. deliveries increase by 35% in 2023, driven by record CUPRA growth; Irish deliveries increased by 95%

  • Boosted by success of both CUPRA and SEAT, the company delivered 519,200 cars
  • CUPRA hits all-time record with 230,700 deliveries in 2023, a 50.9% increase on the previous year
  • The unconventional challenger brand has delivered almost 530,000 cars since its launch in 2018
  • The SEAT brand is back to growth with 288,400 deliveries, up 24.0% compared to 2022
  • In Ireland, sales for CUPRA have increase by 149% and SEAT by 74%

SEAT S.A. achieved its second-highest sales volume in history in 2023, boosted by the success of both the SEAT and CUPRA brands. In total, the company delivered 519,200 cars (2022: 385,600), rising 34.6% on the previous year, proving SEAT S.A.’s strength as it makes the transition towards electrification.


CUPRA once again broke records with 230,700 deliveries, up 50.9% compared to 2022 (152.900). The easing of supply chain shortages led to increased production and double-digit growth for the SEAT brand which delivered 288,400 vehicles (2022: 232,700; +24.0%). Furthermore, SEAT and CUPRA deliveries reached 47,200 in the final month of the year, marking the best December results in the company’s history.

According to Wayne Griffiths, CEO of SEAT and CUPRA, “these delivery figures show that SEAT S.A. has the right strategy in place with both its brands: CUPRA’s record-breaking results and the SEAT brand’s return to growth also prove that we are managing to overcome the difficulties we have faced over the last few years, such as COVID-19 and supply shortages. Despite the current difficult economic environment, we look to the future with real optimism.”

In Ireland, CUPRA and SEAT experienced incredible growth in sales outpacing the strong global results. The combined sales of these brands surged by an impressive 95% compared to the previous year, 2022. CUPRA, in particular, witnessed an outstanding growth rate with a staggering 149% increase in sales. This surge can be attributed to the popularity of specific models, notably the Formentor and the all-electric Born. SEAT, on the other hand, also experienced a substantial increase in sales, recording a 74% growth. This growth was primarily driven by the enduring popularity of SEA T's SUV range. SEA T's success in this segment indicates a well-received and competitive SUV lineup that meets the needs and preferences of Irish consumers.

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As SEAT S.A. looks to the future, 2024 promises to be a busy year full of significant milestones as it continues to lay the groundwork for the biggest transformation in the company's history, making the transition towards electrification and reinventing mobility for a new age. Highlights include the 40th Anniversary of the SEAT Ibiza and the premiere of the CUPRA Terramar and Tavascan. The world premieres of the new CUPRA Leon and the Formentor, along with the debut of the CUPRA Born VZ, will further diversify the brand's portfolio.