Maintaining your car this Spring

With April here, it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning and maintaining your vehicle should be on the to-do list. Between the seasons, it’s important to maintain your car or commercial vehicle for overall safety and, in the long run, to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Here’s Connolly Motor Group’s top five tips for car maintenance:

  • Check your window wipers are in good condition. After a long winter, cold temperatures can damage wiper blades and they can become stuck to the windscreen. Replace them as soon as they start to squeak or smear. New wiper blades will increase visibility when driving in heavy rainfall.
  • Make sure your tyres are at the recommended pressure on a regular basis and especially before any long driving trips; this includes the spare tyre. Remember that warm weather increases tyre pressure and cold weather reduces it. Correctly maintained tyres will extend tyre life and improve the safety of the vehicle.
  • Check all lights on a weekly basis to ensure they are working. These include indicators, fog and brake lights. Driving in bad weather can affect visibility on the road so wipe the lights with a cloth after a journey or in between driving breaks.
  • Regularly refuel to keep your tank as full as possible. Top up your oil as much as you can each time. Make sure you never let the tank go below a quarter full as this can damage the fuel pump.
  • With the warm months hopefully ahead of us, make sure to top up with enough coolant to defend against the engine overheating in hot weather.

Don’t forget that the most important part of car maintenance is bringing your vehicle in regularly for a professional service.

Here at Connolly Motor Group, you can leave your vehicle in the care of our trusted and highly-skilled mechanics and technicians. Our team of experts are fully trained to Volkswagen and Audi standards in all aspects of servicing and maintenance.

Contact us at our Audi Sligo, Audi Ballina or Audi Galway offices or at Volkswagen Sligo and Volkswagen Ballina.

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and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Safe motoring!