SEAT Sligo

Connolly Motor Group to open new SEAT dealership in Sligo

Connolly Motor Group are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as main dealers for SEAT in Sligo.

Connolly’s SEAT will open in Collooney in October and will see Connolly Motor Group make a significant investment in a building that has remained vacant since the recession.

Ten new full-time jobs are to be created in Sligo by Connolly Motor Group in the new Connolly's Seat and the new jobs will increase the number of full-time employees at the Connolly Motor Group to 230 and the company will begin recruitment immediately. Once Connolly’s SEAT is opened, the group will employ 93 people in Sligo.

Connolly Motor Group are excited to welcome a new brand to the group and the deal sees the family motor group - one of the biggest in the country continue to expand. The group run by brothers Kevin and Neil Connolly are delighted to expand its representation within Volkswagen Group brands following on from its hugely-successful Volkswagen dealerships in Ballina and Sligo as well as Audi dealerships in Galway, Ballina and Sligo.

The new SEAT dealership will be located in a prime location in Collooney in close proximity to the Connolly Mercedes-Benz Dealership on the approach to Sligo town.

Neil Connolly, Connolly Motor Group Director, said:

“We are particularly pleased to be growing our representation with the Volkswagen Group brands and are delighted to be investing in the SEAT brand and bringing this great name back to the Sligo region. Being part of a group provides us with the additional benefit and financial stability that comes with having multiple dealerships.

“We are proud to be a family-owned group, and the foundations of our success are the people who work with us, the manufacturers we represent and, of course, our valuable customers who are at the heart of everything we do.

My brother Kevin and I are extremely proud to be bringing more jobs to Sligo and delighted that we can breathe new life into a building that has been lying vacant in Collooney.”

Niall Phillips, Brand Director of SEAT Ireland, said:

“SEAT Ireland is delighted to welcome the Connollly Motor Group to our nationwide network of dealerships. The team at Connolly’s have a brilliant reputation for excellent customer service and their level of experience and expertise will hugely benefit SEAT. There’s never been a better time to join the SEAT network as the brand continues to expand; we now have the largest and newest product range in our history”.

SEAT Sligo