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New Audi Engine Badges Explained

If you have been admiring any our Audi's you might have noticed their new Engine Badge numbers. Well with the arrival of the Audi e-tron, Audi will now be standardising engine descriptions on their models based on a car's power output rather than the litre capacity value.

The Model Names, from the Audi A1 to the Audi Q7, will remain the same but now a combination of two numbers will replace the various type designations previously used. These numbers will stand for the vehicle's power output and will apply to petrol, diesel and e-tron models.

With more and more of Audi's models being powered by alternative fuels the motors powered by these fuel sources do not have the same CC as a traditional combustion engine. The new naming convention will make it easier to compare power output from a range of different fuel types.

Vehicle Classification

Vehicles will now be classified into different performance levels identified by a two-number combination and this number will appear on the vehicle along with the engine technology - TFSI, TDI or e-tron. The numbers increase in increments of five and will represent the hierarchy within the range. This change should also make it easier to identify engines with more than one power output.

The two digit number is based on the car's kilowatt (kW) power output range as shown in the table opposite . S, RS and R8 models will all retain the existing naming to reference their position at the top of the Audi range. If you have any questions in relation to this or would like to test drive our new models please contact us below.

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Audi Badges Power Explained