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Incredible Range up to 426km
30 Minute Rapid Charge from 10% to 80%
Panoramic Sliding Rooftop for freedom & ambience

Mercedes-Benz EQC. Enjoy Electric.

Everything speaks in favour of the new EQC.

With an astonishingly long range, intelligent charging technology and the Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems, the EQC gives us an excitingly new feeling of electric driving.

MBUX multimedia system

The future belongs to electric drive. And human intuition.

Discover a completely new operating and display experience: with natural, intuitive voice control, functions capable of learning and touch-sensitive surfaces. Elegantly framed by a super high resolution widescreen cockpit.


A new drive. New aesthetics.

The EQC radiates fascinating purity, peacefulness and modernity. In so doing, it embodies the new design language of progressive luxury.

Selected highlights:

  • Black-panel radiator grille
  • LED luminescent band front and rear
  • Widescreen Cockpit


Seamlessly accelerates into an electric future.​

The new Mercedes-Benz EQC is an all-electric SUV with plenty of space and comfort. Until you put your foot down. Then it becomes a sports car. Even from a standing start, full torque is available and smoothly accelerates the EQC. This is what sets the all-electric drive apart from any conventional petrol or diesel car. The result is completely new, exciting driving dynamics.

EQC 400 4MATIC: Electrical consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 25-22.3; CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0[1

Exterior design

EQC. The first word in a new design language.

The new EQC has avantgarde individual aesthetics. A symbol of progressive luxury. The clear, sensual and extremely reduced lines make it clear at first glance: this can only be the Mercedes among electric cars.

Interior design

You can feel the fascination of the EQC in every detail.

Thanks to the almost imperceptible electric motor, you can enjoy the new progressive interior of the EQC even more. Many of the trim elements, upholstery material and colours were exclusively developed for the EQC and underscore its uniqueness.

Our contribution to sustainable mobility 

The new EQC characterises a modern, responsible lifestyle. The fact that those outside the vehicle barely hear it running is also a blessing. It enables locally emission-free driving, and in addition almost 100 component parts have been produced from renewable sources.

99 component parts are produced 100% sustainably.

The seat cover "Sunnyvale" specially developed for the new EQC is made of recycled plastic, for example.

A lot of renewable raw materials such as hemp, kenaf, wool, cotton, wood and natural rubber are used in the EQC, too. Because every component counts.

Interior comfort

The stillness in the EQC. Perfect for enjoying the comfort.

In the new EQC, everything feels fascinatingly new and excitingly different. Even the level of comfort.

This stillness alone creates an unexpected sense of regeneration. In addition, experience intelligent programmes which can actively help the driver to relax, as well as audiophile surround sound and MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation.