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Exterior. Puristic aesthetics. Pure aerodynamics.
Interior. Relaxed luxury.
Wheels. 21-inch twin-spoke rims.


This is for all senses

EQE 300: CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0.

Up to 660 km all-electric range (WLTP)

Up to 210 kW (286 hp) output

Top up charge 10 - 80% in 35 minutes

* The charging time corresponds to a 10-80% full charge using a DC fast-charging station with a supply voltage of 400 V, minimum current of 500 A.


Timeless shapes for a new era.

From the iconic one-bow design to the stunning MBUX Hyperscreen: the new EQE combines sensual aesthetics with pioneering engineering at the highest level. Experience a new, luxurious era of electric mobility.

Design highlights

Purist luxury and dynamism down to the last detail.

The new EQE combines its dynamic appearance with a luxurious interior - a balance of technical innovation and modern aesthetics.

Digital interior

High-tech features and luxury for all senses.

The new EQE is a Digital Native.

Comfort and safety

Expand your comfort zone.

Thanks to these innovations, you get out more energetic and refreshed than when you got in.

Air filter system with HPEA filter.

​Inhale deeply - and exhale: with a filter performance of up to 99.65%, the new HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) fine particle filter can clean the incoming air of the smallest particles such as pollen and fine dust particles and neutralise unpleasant odours.

Multicontour seats for driver and front passenger.

The perfect restraint: eight air chambers and four vibration elements ensure the highest level of comfort in the multicontour seats. Ten massage programmes in two intensities turn every ride into a wellness programme.

Electric mobility for all senses.

Driving with all your senses: sounds that respond to your driving, a luxurious mix of materials and fragrancing of the interior make your time in the new EQE high-quality time.

Rear axle steering up to 10°

​Set the direction: the rear axle steering of the all-electric EQE, available as an option, ensures excellent traction and agile driving dynamics. in three steps of up to 10° you can park, turn and drive in flawless balance.

Remote parking.

It's up to you: use your smartphone and the Remote Parking App (Android, iOS) to park your new EQE perfectly. A milestone on the road to autonomous driving.