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New Mercedes-Benz B-Class
B Class
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New New Mercedes-Benz B-Class - From €389 per month on PCP

Mercedez-Benz have re-invented the family car.

The new B-Class is here. More dynamic, more comfortable and safer than ever.

B Class

New-generation driving assistance systems

Because safety is sometimes everything.

The new B-Class is equipped with assistance systems to make even easier work of driving. DISTRONIC Active Distance Assist, for example, which can automatically keep the required distance from the vehicle ahead, or Active Brake Assist, which can apply the brakes in an emergency. So you know you and your family are always in the best of hands.

Stylish interior in "wrap-around" design.

Surround yourself with only the best.

The new B-Class welcomes you with an interior setting that is without parallel in this vehicle class. In high-quality "wrap-around" design. The transitions between dashboard, centre console and door trim are fluid. All this adds up to a delightfully "cocooned" feel inside.

B Class

AMG Line / Progressive Line

As you like it.

Emphatically sporty or dynamically modern: you set the tone for the exterior of the new B-Class. You can opt for the AMG Line* or the Progressive Line*. And you can combine these as you wish with optional equipment and packages To make the new B-Class your very own signature B-Class. *Optional.

Widescreen Cockpit with LINGUATRONIC voice control system

Talking makes everything so much easier.

At the office, in the family and now also in the new B-Class, which now comes with natural, intuitive voice recognition. If you so wish, you can also carry out your most important settings by touchscreen or touchpad. Whatever suits you best.

B Class


Apart from its fully intuitive operation, the new B-Class also keeps adapting to your needs and habits every day. It notes your route to the office, for example, and can offer a faster route automatically in case of a traffic jam. This all forms part of the revolutionary MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). A multimedia system that keeps learning about you and your preferences. Until the new B-Class knows you almost better than you do yourself.

Display Styles

The cockpit welcomes you with two fully digital displays that present a fascinating spectacle as a single unit. This display unit exudes class and is simple to adapt to your needs. There is a choice of three display styles - "Classic", "Sport" and "Discreet Mode" - for example, which you can switch between according to your mood, the course of the journey or the given driving situation.

Augmented Video

A clear view of the traffic situation for the driver remains one of the best safety systems. MBUX augmented reality for navigation helps you to keep control of things even in complex traffic situations. To this end, the technology interlinks the virtual and real worlds to incorporate graphic navigation and traffic information into live images of the vehicle's surroundings which are shown to you on the media display. In this way, the system can help you to reach your destination more safely and with less stress.

Touch Operating Concept

You won't find any conventional buttons and controls in the B-Class cockpit. Everything is new here. The touchscreen or the touchpad, for example, which allow you to operate and adjust almost anything in the car using a single finger. The display styles, the ambient lighting or the infotainment system, for example. You can now also control these features directly via Touch Control on the steering wheel. All without having to take your hands off the whee​l.

Voice Control

The new B-Class understands you like no other car. In the truest sense of the word. Thanks to new MBUX voice control, it listens to you and understands you without you having to learn any commands beforehand. And it does much more besides. It checks the weather at the destination for you, changes the radio station or takes you home on the fastest route. Reading out text messages, or dictating one and sending it? It takes just two words from you - "Hey, Mercedes" - and the new B-Class is all ears and ready for anything.

All-wheel drive​

4MATIC all-wheel drive is available for all engine variants of the new B-Class, to provide for the best possible combination of dynamism, traction and efficiency in every situation. An electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch integrated in the rear-axle differential enables a variable torque split. This ranges from economical front-wheel drive only to a 50:50 split on snow or slippery road surfaces or in dynamic driving manoeuvres. So you take the entire journey in your stride.

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