Volkswagen Connect®: All vehicle information via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

The upgrade for your Volkswagen: With the Volkswagen Connect® app and the DataPlug, you'll transform your Volkswagen into a Connected Car. Bluetooth technology enables you to easily use the various app features, such as the digital logbook, driving style analysis and the Volkswagen Partner search function. Whether it's for business or pleasure, for new vehicle or used vehicle drivers – our app contains the perfect challenge for everyone. Download the Volkswagen Connect® app for free and try it out yourself. Available for Android and iOS.

What is VW Connect?

VW Connect is the intelligent, connected vehicle assistant. It connects you and your Volkswagen so that you are constantly informed about your vehicle, your driving style and your trips.

What Functions does VW Connect offer?

VW Connect currently offers the following functions: Driving Style, Parking Space, My Volkswagen, Trip History, Assistance Call, Fuel Monitor, Service Partner and Challenges.

What do I need in order to use VW Connect

You will need the following components:

•A smartphone with an Android (version 5.0 or higher) or iOS operating system (version 9.0 or higher). •The Volkswagen Connect® Data Plug (available at your Volkswagen dealership. More information about Volkswagen Connect® and individual compatibility can be found at our homepage:

What is a VW Connect Data Plug?

The VW Connect DataPlug is an OBD connector (on-board diagnosis), also referred to as a dongle, which is plugged into the diagnosis interface (on-board diagnosis) of your Volkswagen. It collects various information during a trip and sends it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The information provides you, for example, with details about your driving style and the status of the vehicle.

How do I connect my VW Data Plug with the app?

After you have downloaded and installed the Volkswagen Connect app, you will be guided step-by-step through the installation of the Data Plug the first time you open it.

It’s really quite straightforward. You sit in your Volkswagen, open the app and hold the DataPlug to read off the 8-digit PIN on the side of the Data Plug. You enter this in the input screen in the app and confirm it. Then you plug the Volkswagen Connect Data Plug into the diagnostic connection (OBD2). On most Volkswagen models, this is located in the driver's footwell. Confirm this step in your app. Then you activate Bluetooth and GPS on your smartphone. Finally, switch on the ignition on your Volkswagen. The Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the Data Plug is set up as soon as you click on “Create connection”.

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