ID.3 1st Edition

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The ID.3 1st Now you can
The ID.3 1st Now you can
The ID.3 1st Now you can
New ID.3

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Highlights of the ID.3 1ST

Here you can discover new highlights that make the ID.3 1ST an intelligent choice for the future. Interested? Then take a look at what the new ID.3 1ST has to offer.

Head-start through sustainability

Nothing is more fascinating than the future. New technologies create new opportunities. Yet we also face major challenges. That is why the ID.3 1ST has a completely new concept from the ground up. Fully electric. And above all: sustainable. It is our first vehicle delivered to the customer with a neutral climate balance – thanks to a consistent reduction of CO2emissions in the supply chain and production. Unavoidable CO2 emissions are balanced out by climate protection projects.

The joy of torque

The ID.3 1ST represents a revolutionary, electrifying driving experience: full torque from a standstill, consistently dynamic acceleration and performance designed to get anyone’s adrenaline racing. All you need to do to experience this feeling is get in and drive it.

Endless driving pleasure

The ID.3 1ST special edition models are delivered with the mid-sized battery (58 kWh, net). The standard model will be available in three variants: with the small battery (45 kWh, net) you can drive up to 330 km (WLTP) and with the large battery (77 kWh, net) a range of up to 550 km (WLTP) is possible. We offer the right model for almost every destination.

Interactive Light

The ID.3 1ST is like a good friend that helps you with your day-to-day life. The lighting concept is more intelligent than anything you’ve ever seen before in a car. It greets you, can help with the navigation and tells you to press the brakes when danger is detected. It can even warn you of any road users approaching as you get out of the car.

Innovative LED Matrix headlights

When you approach an ID.3 1ST, it wakes up, recognises and greets you by lifting its LED Matrix headlights. They light up the road ahead and can adapt perfectly to just about any environment. This makes it possible to drive in a more anticipatory manner.

At first glance.

The exclusive details of the ID.3 1ST shows everyone at a glance exactly who comes first: beginning with the 1STbadge and the striking rear pillar design to the 1ST steering wheel clip and the play-and-pause design pedals up to the special welcome on the welcome screen – this is your special edition.