Parts at Connollys SEAT

SEAT spends just as much time and attention on designing its parts as it does when producing its vehicles. That’s because SEAT knows that all SEAT Genuine Parts need to be of the highest quality and also need to fit its entire range of vehicles quickly and safely. Here at Connolly Motor Group, we know that is essential to use SEAT Genuine Parts when replacing parts in your car. Our experts can help you select the correct genuine part for your vehicle so you are secure in the knowledge that it will be a perfect – and safe – fit.

We can provide you with genuine SEAT parts to maintain the performance of your car. Our team of service advisors and technicians can help advise on all your parts queries and are ready and willing to help. To find SEAT parts for your vehicle please contact us by filling in the Parts Enquiry Form or visit your local Connollys SEAT dealership in Sligo.

SEAT Accessories at Connollys

Every single genuine SEAT accessory is developed and tested to ensure it reflects the quality and reliability found in every SEAT. From body styling to wheels and accessories, transport equipment to car care and protection, SEAT Genuine Accessories offer the same individuality, exclusivity and originality that make the SEAT name so special.