Ready for the toughest jobs.

The Crafter Panel Vanis ready for almost anything. Its dimensions are ideal for bulky Euro pallets or roller containers. What’s more, it offers the best load capacity and load securing options in its class, making your job a whole lot easier.

Extra impressive

The best workplace for drivers

Keep your cockpit, office and breakout room with you at all times

Do you spend a large part of your working day out and about? Then you’ll know that your vehicle is not just a means of transport. It is somewhere that you can organise your documents, arrange appointments and charge your mobile phone. Or even enjoy your lunch break. With countless storage areas and connections, an optional ergoComfort suspension seat and optional heated multifunction steering wheel, the Crafter Dropside Van is ideally prepared for everything you need.

Best connectivity

Always up-to-date. Never bored.

During a normal day at work, you may often spend a lot of time on the road. You drive from one job to the next, taking a quick pit-stop at the warehouse and picking up a spare part from the store. So, staying up-to-date with everything is more important than ever before. Thanks to the built-in interface for the “Connected Van” mobile fleet park management solution and “Car-Net” online services, you are almost always up-to-date in the Crafter Dropside Van, while enjoying the best entertainment, too.

Top-class load capacity

Easier to load

Lifting heavy packages into your vehicle. Stacking large pallets into the load compartment. Shifting unwieldy material through the rear door. Loading and unloading a vehicle is hard work. The Crafter Panel Van makes things easier for you.

- 1,311 mm opening width at the sliding door

- 2,196 mm loading compartment height

- 100 mm lower loading sill

- Optional steps

Suitable for urban driving

More relaxed on the road

On busy construction sites and narrow forest roads, on tight residential streets or in a strong gust of wind on the motorway: in the Crafter Panel Van there are countless innovative assistance and safety systems to help you out when things get tricky. As a result, you arrive safely at your destination in a relaxed state of mind.

Top-class load securing options

Everything in its place

When packages start to slide around or boards start to fall over, the noise of them rattling round the load compartment is not just annoying. It can result in damage to expensive material or cause the driver to become distracted. To make sure everything arrives safely and in one piece, the Crafter Panel Van offers the best load securing options in its class: thanks to 14 optional lashing eyes and a large range of lashing rails.

Carefully planned right down to the smallest detail