How Designers Showcase the Luxury of the Future

Seamless, digital and electric.

Alternative drives and automated driving functions including fully automated driving are opening up new options for the exterior design of vehicles. On the one hand they make it possible to create unfamiliar proportions, on the other hand the outer shell of the vehicle takes on new functions – for example to enable intensified communication between the vehicle and its surroundings. With the Vision EQS, Mercedes-Benz is setting a milestone in this respect.

With its innovative, stretched “One Bow” design, the VISION EQS takes the Progressive Luxury design philosophy of the EQ vehicles into a new dimension. The “seamless” look of this dramatic and powerful sculpture is what gives the Vision EQS its majestic presence.

Technical features such as the 24-inch multi-spoke wheels, which form a jewel-like counter piece to the flowing body lines, emphasise the luxurious character of the saloon and at the same time convey lightness and sportiness. As do the rear lights, which are for the first time seamlessly integrated into the body: with 229 individual LED stars they show a completely new approach to applying the traditional brand logo.

New form of exterior structure.

The significant contrast created by the continuous 360° exterior lightbelt joining the black-panel LED matrix grille and the headlamps with the rear light clusters defines a new form of exterior structure with its technical precision. The colour separation in the shoulder area not only creates a characteristic division of the exterior with a glass cupola floating on the vehicle body; it also enables the contemporary limousine to be elongated visually. At the same time the contrast underlines the aesthetic dynamism of the show car as a whole. Running parallel with the roof contour, a seamlessly integrated chrome trim arch spans the side silhouette of the greenhouse and lends the “One Bow” design decorative elegance.

The 3D-line structure of the front spoiler in high-gloss black continues across the sides to the rear spoiler. Rosé-gold-coloured blades are nestled in it, conveying luxury and high tech, and underlining the aerodynamic aesthetics of the vehicle. At the same time these systematically horizontal borderlines in the lower section of the vehicle create a suspenseful contrast to the sensuously curved vehicle body.

The light of the future.

However, the design goes another step further. Thanks to the seamless integration of the lights, the VISION EQS becomes a communicative vehicle, a “cooperative car”. The 360° exterior lightbelt, the digital LED matrix grille and the DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps allow interaction between the vehicle and its surroundings.

The black-panel grille, which has been realised with several levels as a world first, provides a new level of precise signalling. Its light matrix consists of 188 circuit boards, each of which carries five individually actuated LEDs and a single star. Through a total of 940 single LEDs in the three-dimensional space, the light signals are given a special depth effect. The lightbelt traversing the grille also indicates membership of the EQ family.

But the highlight of the VISION EQS are the new DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps, each with four holographic lens modules. Once the black panel comes to life, the seemingly free-floating stars and pixels create a holographic effect of floating light modules.

Flowing forms: the interior as a sculpture.

he interior design is inspired by the world of luxury yachts. The clear and elegant design idiom creates a new level of serenity. For the first time, the entire dashboard blends with the body of the front trim section to form an interior sculpture. With its deep and open spatial architecture, the cockpit of the VISION EQS envelops the occupants like the deck of a boat.

The choice of materials for the interior of the VISION EQS also ensures a special ambience. Mercedes-Benz has systematically and entirely opted for sustainability, using both traditional and technologically pioneering materials. Crystal-white DINAMICA microfibre on the seats contrasts with rosé-gold coloured highlights at the seam ends of the contrasting diamond pattern.

The DINAMICA microfibre is a completely recycled material which comes from used clothing, flags and PET plastic bottles. It is used in the doors as well as the seats. The floor area and door centre panels are in bright white. A dynamic, embossed diamond pattern presents the sustainably produced microfibre particularly impressively. Artificial leather is used on the side sills to create a harmonious counterpoint. Its finely structured surface is very similar to that of nappa leather, and has contrasting topstitching around the borders like that on familiar Exclusive leather features.

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